UGI International and LPG: Working Together for a Sustainable Future Fuel

UGI International and LPG: Working Together for a Sustainable Future Fuel

By Cedric Caudron and Neil Murphy


LPG is an affordable, available, and tested liquid gas. When blended with or produced from renewable feedstocks, it can take us even further down the carbon neutral pathway. From an environmental perspective, Liquid Gas such as propane, butane or DME is a clean winner.

As one of the world’s largest suppliers of LPG, we consider it our mission to be an innovator, offering customers ever greener and cleaner liquified gas.

Earlier this year for instance, SHV Energy and UGI International, a subsidiary of UGI Corporation (NYSE: UGI), leading distributors of off-grid energy, announce the intention to launch a joint venture to advance the production and use of Renewable Dimethyl Ether (“rDME”), a low-carbon sustainable liquid gas, to accelerate renewable solutions for the LPG industry. By leveraging the expertise, innovation capabilities and distribution power of both companies, the joint venture will aim to develop the full potential of rDME as a sustainable solution.

rDME is a sustainable, low-carbon liquid gas that can be produced from several renewable feedstocks. It has a low carbon footprint, with greenhouse gas emissions up to 85% less than fossil fuel alternatives. What's more, rDME is highly compatible with existing infrastructure, meaning that with limited additional investments, rDME could quickly move the LPG industry to an even cleaner future.

Our partnership with SHV Energy aims to develop some six rDME production plants over the next five years, with a total production capacity of 300 kilotons of rDME per year by 2027.

Also this year we launched a new supply and development partnership with Ekobenz, a specialist in the catalytic conversion of bioethanol to bio-gasoline and bioLPG.

Conventional LPG contains less sulphur than most fossil fuels, but BioLPG has even cleaner credentials. BioLPG can be produced by converting organic material from industrial waste into fuel. Our partnership with Ekobenz provides a platform for the growth and wider uptake of bioLPG, through UGI International’s strong market presence in Europe. The partnership is also illustrative of our leadership in supporting emerging technologies that have the potential to transform and decarbonise a sector traditionally heavily reliant on fossil fuels.

New blending capabilities and the handling of new materials will cause us to raise the operational bar even further in the future. Through continuous innovation and working with world class partners, we can drive down costs and maintain an ever-improving service.

As with any innovative product, safety and the environment are paramount. Our industry has mastered the safe filling and packaging of LPG. As UGI International, we ensure the effective management of change.

We are preparing for this challenge and it is one we should all share. It’s time for our voice to be heard.

Cedric Caudron is Innovation Research & Development Director at UGI International

Neil Murphy is Vice President for business development at UGI International

UGI International is part of the global UGI Corporation, representing LPG distributors operating in 17 European countries


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the position of Liquid Gas Europe.