LPG Forward webinar series

We are pleased to invite you to join our new webinar series LPG Forward. Come learn about the fast-paced developments the energy sector is facing, and the role that LPG can play today an in the future.

This webinar series is open to all. Please feel free to share with colleagues, and other industry professionals. Do not miss this chance to connect with the European LPG industry and beyond!

  • June 23rd: Energy in an Era of Disruption(s). Despite the uncertainty around the post-COVID phase and the impact of the recession, the energy transition keeps accelerating in Europe as the EU and national governments commit to carbon neutrality by 2050. In parallel, other market disruptions are also affecting energy distributors, such as the need to become energy efficiency advisors, the risk of some fossil-based heating solutions being banned, or the growing importance of digitalisation. How can the energy sector, and the LPG industry in particular, adapt to these challenges? This exchange of views will bring together a wide range of perspectives, from the LPG industry to policymakers and other key market players.

  • June 30th: The Consumer's Perspective. Customers’ habits are changing, and it is increasingly important for the LPG industry to adapt business models so that they take the consumer into account. Cost, convenience and reliability are the keywords for customers. Using digital technologies to make life easier can be a great way to keep clients happy and to broaden your reach. This session will explore how the LPG industry can adopt new technologies to become user-friendly and more attractive.

  • July 7th: LPG Applications of Today and Tomorrow. Which are the LPG Applications of today that can take the industry into the decarbonised world of tomorrow? What are the new ones to look at and what innovation should the industry be supporting to develop further? This session will focus on some of the most promising ones and how these fit in an electrified, renewable and hybrid future.

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