Towards a decarbonised future in rural Europe with LPG

LPG and bioLPG are alternative energy source immediately available and cost-effective to help decarbonise off-grid areas, while improving air quality in Europe.

Autogas opportunities: enabling the reduction of emissions

Autogas is an immediate alternative fuel solution that can address the emissions from the 250 million+ passenger cars on the road today.

Off-grid: heating homes and businesses with LPG boilers

LPG is an immediate low-polluting energy solution to satisfy the heating needs of Europeans and industries beyond the gas grid.


Climate change addressed: Our past campaigns

Vision 2050
European Elections Manifesto

Vision for Autogas: reduce pollutant emissions

Road transport is responsible for over 70% of all transport sector GHG emissions, and remains a critical challenge for the environment. Pollutant emissions are also a major health risk for EU citizens. Autogas can play a significant role in reducing both GHGs and pollutant emissions, today.