Member press release: Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system

Introducing the revolutionary Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system, lowering emissions and fuel costs even further

Eindhoven (NL), 15 September 2020

Prins Alternative Fuel Systems introduces a unique and future proof LPG system VSI-3 DI that is suitable for vehicles equipped with a direct injection petrol engine (DI and DI+MPI). It is a unique and revolutionary system because it consists of a new designed components; an ECU with integrated DI injector emulation Prins AFC-3.0 DI and the patented and world’s only fully electronic LPG reducer Prins eVP-500.


The Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system offers a universal solution for a wide variety of vehicles of the latest automotive technology. It complies with the most recent global emission standards like Euro 6D WLTP and certifications like R115/EPA. The system is of high quality, extremely efficient higher performing and is providing a smooth driving experience. By driving on LPG (Autogas) one saves fuel costs, sometimes hundreds of Euro per year, and saves the environment by lowering CO2 (21%) and particles emissions (up to 95%). The system is available now, worldwide, at the official Prins installers.

Jeroen Visscher, Technical Director Prins: “We are really proud to introduce our latest development: the unique and revolutionary VSI-3 DI LPG system suitable for a wide variety of vehicles equipped with a DI and DI+MPI petrol engine. With this type of engines, the fuel is directly injected in the engine (DI – Direct Injection). The Prins AFC-3.0 DI computer, the heart of the system, ensures overall system control, safety and efficiency. The patented Prins eVP-500 ensures correct LPG supply flow in all operating conditions for cars up to 500hp. The Keihin LPG injectors are known for their accuracy, endurance and speed. Together with our global network we are ready for the future.”

The VSI-3 DI LPG-system is also equipped with a Prins multi-color switch, a Prins filter, an LPG tank in the spare wheel compartment and the filling point near the petrol filling point. As the vehicle has a gas tank and a petrol tank the total range can be extended to more than 1000 km without refueling. LPG is the best sold alternative fuel worldwide and is available at a wide number of fuel stations.

Already available for a wide range of vehicles

This Prins VSI-3 DI LPG system is fully tested and validated for vehicles like Ford Transit 3.5 V6 Duratec 2020, F-150 / Explorer 3.3 V6 Duratec 2018-2020, Raptor / F-150 / Explorer 3.5 V6 Ecoboost Gen2 2017-2020, Renault / Nissan/ Dacia 1.3 TCE (Euro 6D), Volkswagen Group 2.0 DI+MPI (Euro 6D), GM 1.4/1.5/1.6 DI 4 cylinder (Euro 6D), Hyundai/Kia (Euro 6D), 1.0 T-GDI, Volvo 2.0T VEP engine (B4204), Land Rover Velar 2.0T (PT204). The list will soon be expanded even further.

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About Prins

Prins Autogassytemen BV, a Westport Fuel Systems company, has been a world leader in the development of alternative fuel systems for more than 30 years. It has acquired a reputation of excellence for providing its OEM, Country Importers and Aftermarket customers with cost-effective and innovative solutions for the wide range of engine types available on the market today.

Prins is working closely with its global customer base to ensure its systems and components work seamlessly with the latest automotive technology providing best in class solutions for mono-,bi- and dual fuel applications.

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