Open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron


On 17 March 2022, Liquid Gas Europe, Advanced Biofuels Coalition, Methanol Institute, ePure, CLEPA, FEDIOL, EBB, Fuels Europe, NGVA, FETSA, Sustainable Fuels, CO2 Value Europe and Copa Cogeca signed an open letter to French President Emmanuel Macron highlighting the importance of renewable and low carbon fuels.


Under France’s Presidency of the European Union and your personal leadership, there is an ideal opportunity to call for an open and fair debate on the essential role of renewable and low-carbon fuels, in particular in road transport, to design a strategy that will fit into a political and legislative framework to create the lead market required to mobilise the necessary investments. But also, to reject any form of ban or technology exclusivity and mobilise instead all existing technologies to achieve climate neutrality in 2050.” states the letter.


Please click on the link to download a full copy of the letter in French or English..