Press Release l 06.06.2023

Liquid Gas Europe elects its new leadership 

From Liquid Gas Europe

During its 38th General Assembly on 1 June 2023, Liquid Gas Europe elected its new president, Audrey Galland, and vice-president, Beth Reid, and confirmed the composition of its new Board of Directors. The new leadership will support the association in its efforts to ensure liquid gases are part of the energy transition.

Audrey Galland is the Director General of France Gaz Liquides, the French association for the liquid gas industry, and has over 20 years of experience in public affairs, particularly in the energy sector. Audrey also has extensive experience working with local communities, thanks to her previous roles as Head of Communications for an urban agglomeration in the Paris region, and as regional councillor for the Paris region.

“I am honoured that the members of Liquid Gas Europe have entrusted me to lead the association for the next two years,” said Audrey Galland. “The energy transition is a central issue, not only for the industry, but for our consumers in France and in Europe. Liquid gases are pivotal to reach consumers who live in off-grid communities, offering them energy solutions that are viable and contribute to the decarbonisation efforts in all aspects of our economy. I look forward to bringing the concerns of the liquid gas industry to European policymakers.”

Beth Reid is Vice President for Growth at UGI International, one of Europe’s largest LPG marketers, and a subsidiary of UGI Corporation. Beth, a chemistry and physics major at heart, brings over 26 years of experience in driving growth and transformation across the energy and industrial gases sectors. Alongside Audrey, Beth will serve at time of continued change for the LPG industry. Her roles, ranging from regional operational leadership to transformational delivery will be of great support to the association.

“It is a great opportunity to be elected as Liquid Gas Europe’s new vice-president,” said Beth Reid. “Our industry is embarked on a substantial change, striving towards a decarbonised future. Liquid Gas Europe plays a crucial role in showcasing to decisionmakers how important renewable liquid gases, such as renewable LPG and renewable and recycled carbon dimethyl ether (DME), are to ensure a lower carbon future for all and how industry is focused on delivering the change.”

With the current ongoing work around key EU policy files such as the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), Ecodesign and Energy Labelling, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III) and Euro 7, Liquid Gas Europe is committed to representing our industry, which is pivotal for the off-grid energy puzzle.

“I look forward to continuing working with Audrey Galland and Beth Reid in their new roles. Each brings extensive knowledge and experience, and I am certain they will greatly help shine a light on the role of liquid gases and how important they are in the green energy transition” said Ewa Abramiuk-Lété, General Manager at Liquid Gas Europe.

The new Board of Directors includes:

• President, Audrey Galland (France Gaz Liquides)
• Vice-President, Beth Reid (UGI International)
• Treasurer, Silvia Migliorini (Assogasliquidi)
• Member, Esther Busscher (SHV Energy)
• Member, Natacha Cambriels (DCC | Butagaz)
• Member, Christos Christofides (Veroniki Holding)
• Member, Maria Malmkvist (Energigas Sverige)
• Member, José Alberto Oliveira (Apetro)
• Member, Iñigo Rengifo Abbad (Repsol)
• Member, Marco Roggerone (Autogas Nord | AGN Energia)
• Member, Andreas Stücke (DVFG)
• Member, George Webb (Liquid Gas UK)
• Member, Alain Deleuse (MannTek)
• Member, Marco Seimandi (Wesport Fuel System)
• Member, Bartosz Kwiatkowski (POGP)
• Member, Xavier Martinez (Asociación Gas Licuado)
• Observer, James Rockall (WLPGA)

You can download the press release here