Liquid Gas Europe Elects its New Management Committee

At the 30th General Assembly of Liquid Gas Europe on 23rd May 2019, a new Management Committee was unanimously elected to support the daily functioning of the association for the next two years.

Liquid Gas Europe, the European LPG Association, is composed of national LPG associations, the main European LPG suppliers, LPG distributors and equipment manufacturers. With the support of its working groups of industry experts, Liquid Gas Europe is actively involved in concrete initiatives and programs to ensure the sustainable, safe and efficient development of LPG in Europe.

Mrs Busscher is Head of Group Public Affairs at SHV Energy, and previously held the position of Vice-President of Liquid Gas Europe. “This is an exciting time in EU politics to collaborate with the dynamic and talented team at Liquid Gas Europe, whose mission is to ensure the EU policy community embrace our vision to establish LPG and renewable LPG as the alternative energy of choice supporting the EU policy agenda,” she says.

Her predecessor, Francesco Franchi from Costiero Gas Livorno SpA successfully guided the sector’s main representative organisation towards a new vision. “As a seasoned practitioner in the EU affairs arena, Esther Busscher is the perfect fit for helping us taking Liquid Gas Europe through this exciting journey”, concluded Samuel Maubanc, General Manager of Liquid Gas Europe.

The new Management Committee includes:

  • President, Esther Busscher (SHV Energy)
  • Vice-President, Santiago Perez (Gas Licuado, Spain)
  • Treasurer, Silvia Migliorini (Assogasliquidi, Italy)
  • Member, Neil Murphy (UGI International)
  • Member, Natacha Cambriels (Butagaz – DCC)