Diesel restrictions to speed up transition to clean fuels in Como

The Region of Lombardy has decided to extend restrictions for Euro 0 petrol and diesel vehicles and Euro 1 and 2 diesel vehicles throughout the year. The prohibition will be in effect from Monday to Friday, starting on 1 October 2018. In this context, the region plans to give incentives to renew local fleet helping acquire vehicles powered by alternative energies, including Autogas.


The ban will directly affect 48,000 cars and covers 570 municipalities (the most populated urbanised areas) in Lombardy, including Como, Canturino, Erbese and Bassa Comasca. There is also a six-month temporary ban for Euro 3 diesel vehicles, which will affect 209 cities in Lombardy.

Given these limitations, the Lombardy Regional Council has allocated 7,800,000 Euros (1,800,000 for this year and 6 million for 2019) in grants to scrap the most polluting vehicles and help drivers acquire vehicles with lower environmental impact, such as Autogas, electric, hybrid, or natural gas vehicles.

About a million Lombard families will be able to access these incentives. For more information please visit this link.