Alternative fuel mobility plan launched by Italian motorway

The Board of Directors of Autostrada del Brennero (Brennero motorway – A22) approved a plan for sustainable, alternative fuel mobility, part of the plan implementing the DAFI Directive (Deployment of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure), which aims to reduce the dependence on oil and mitigate the environmental impact of the transport sector.

The new plan, which includes an investment of over 19 million euros, seeks to promote an environmentally friendly approach to the planet’s resources, encouraging the adoption of alternative fuels, including Autogas, and more responsible behavior in the use of vehicles for goods and passenger transport.

Under the initiative, Autostrada del Brennero will build and upgrade infrastructure for the refueling of vehicles powered by Autogas and natural gas at several service areas along the route.

“Autostrada del Brennero is investing in the study and implementation of new infrastructural solutions that allow vehicles with low environmental impact to travel the entire route, from the Brenner Pass to Modena, in order to offer drivers a complete fuel supply while ensuring that all the adjacent communities benefit from a constant reduction of the environmental impact,” said the Managing Director Walter Pardatscher.

Autogas is very popular in Italy. With over 2,300,000 Autogas vehicles on the road, it is the second-largest Autogas market in the European Union, after Poland. Italy was one of the first countries in the world to introduce Autogas, in the 1950s.

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