Sustainable alternative fuels at Freight in the City Expo

Freight in the City Expo took place on 6 November 2018 at Alexandra Palace, London. It attracted nearly 1,000 visitors interested in sustainable urban logistics.

Air quality was one of the key topics during last Freight in the City Expo, which took place last month in London and has quickly established itself as one of the key dates in the diary to help support freight operators facing the low-emission challenge.

The effect of the 2015 ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has been to shine a light not just on diesel cars, but on diesel-powered trucks, and the significant part played by their NOx emissions in affecting urban air quality. In this regard, several companies attending the logistics event supported and exhibited alternative fuel technologies.

LPG and Bio-LPG were some of the sustainable options for freight operators promoted at the event, as they offer economical and efficient alternatives to conventional fuels. These fuels provide a low-carbon and cleaner solution for hauliers operating in clean air and low emission zones, without impacting on vehicles’ performance.

“With the UK government introducing carbon neutral targets by 2020, migrating your transport fleet to Autogas will contribute to this goal while making sound financial sense,” said Mark Gilks, Transport Specialist, Calor UK. “We have the right fuel available to meet transport needs. Our alternative solutions emit substantially less CO2 emissions than conventional fuels such as diesel, while also producing significantly less harmful particulates, such as NOx and SOx.”

A renewable solution created from ethically sourced feedstocks, Bio-LPG is chemically identical to LPG. The new fuel is, therefore, a drop-in solution for hauliers already powering their vehicles with LPG through dual fuel technology, with no requirement to alter any equipment or supply infrastructure. If you want to know more, please visit this link.