Join us as a speaker!

Liquid Gas Europe has officially opened the call for presentations for individuals, companies and non-commercial entities to submit their topic for the European LPG e-Congress. Particularly we are interested in the following topics:

What energy mix for a sustainable Europe

  • Future of mobility.
  • The role LPG (and bioLPG) can play in achieving the Green Deal decarbonisation targets.
  • Off-grid rural areas, how to better include them in policy?

Scaling up bioLPG production

  • Innovations LPG industry should borrow from other industries.
  • Understanding grants and credits for renewable gases.
  • Technology development challenges.
  • The needed regulatory and legislative framework. 

Strengthening the role of consumers in the EU Green Deal

  • Sustainability: perception and actual state of play.
  • Consumer perspective in a just transition.
  • How to improve demand-side measures?

LPG applications of the future

  • Market examples of the use and dissemination of LPG innovations.
  • LPG (and bioLPG) in the renewables and “electrified” world.

LPG and future fuels

  • How blockchain technology can assist renewable fuel producers?
  • Potential of LPG blends with other molecules (rDME, Hydrogen, Ammonia).

European mobility and the air quality crisis

  • Alternative fuels essential to deliver Green Deal goals.
  • How to address emissions from the existing fleet.
  • Can we afford to wait for a complete fleet renewal?

What the COVID-19 Pandemic taught us

  • Lessons learned for industry post-crisis.
  • Product digitalisation: make your product smart.
  • How to reach out to customers in this new normal?

Insights from around the world

  • Operational and strategic insights on how to succeed.
  • Strategic priorities in the clean energy transition - country perspective.
  • Safer business for customers, employees and the public.

Other topics of interest:

  • Future generation leaders in the LPG industry.
  • Inclusion and diversity in the LPG industry.
  • Strategic communications case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Depending on the topic you submit, we will place you in a presentation, a panel discussion or a roundtable.

  • Please click this link to submit your proposal. Each submission will be reviewed by the panel of experts and will be evaluated in terms of new innovative ideas, real-life application and subject matter expertise.

    By submitting your speaker application, you agree to the Liquid Gas Europe code of conduct.

  • By 24 May, each candidate will receive a response from the Liquid Gas Europe Organising Committee regarding the status of the application. You may be required to submit additional details, if appropriate.

    • Deadline to submit your speaker proposal: 14 May

    • Our confirmation of selected speakers: 24 May

    • Programme published on the website: 1 June

  • Liquid Gas Europe does not cover speaker expenses for this event, but provides a free ticket to join the event.